Theodore Concepts focuses on original apparel, accessories and fashion, in collaboration with famous designers, Belgian or other, under the Theodore brands Billet d’O, May de Lys and Chris Janssens. Our aim is to inspire and connect with fashion-conscious people, and provide a medium for expression through our three brands. We continuously seek to provide an exclusive brand experience by using the best products, presentations and people. Passion and creativity are at the heart of every design. London based, Theodore operates in Europe but plans to expand its territory.

Billet d'O

is a brand of Theodore Concepts which offers handmade accessories and apparel made by Belgium's most creative designers within this niche and exclusive market. Our aim is to inspire people around the world.

Chris Janssens

is one of Belgium's most celebrated designers of womens clothing. Based in Antwerp, one of the world's fashion capitals, Chris Janssens seeks to create styles and outfits that suit all shapes and sizes. In 2016 we crossed the channel to London, and our goal is to expand internationally.

May de Lys

is a Theodore Concepts brand creating accessories for playful spirits. Confidence is key at May de Lys. Our aim is to delight customers with the latest trends.